Energy Fireplace

Energy Fireplace

Few words about energy fireplaces

The energy fireplaces are made entirely of cast iron, high strength, banging type sliding door or hatch with glass ceramic crystal.

The thermal capacity is due to the emitted radiation and the hot air which circulates between the hob and an air chamber which is created around it with insulating material (mineral wool)

The air is diffused in our site or from the natural flow of either a motor giving more air.

All our fireplaces are heavyreinforced, at the bottom of the hearth is drawer for controlled burning as serves as an ashtray.

Also the speed of the cold air supplied to the air sacs of the fan is adjusted electronically by a rheostat-thermostat which shows the exit temperature indication of hot air from the blinds. Fan placed at the bottom of the hearth and directly connected to the combustion chamber. The energy homes to deliver the maximum of their abilities should work with a closed door.